Headis is a new high intensity sport combining the skills of Football and Table Tennis.

Headis is a mix of table tennis and football. The rules are similar to table tennis except that players ‘head’ the ball rather than use a bat. It is played on a solid table tennis table with a stable metal net and a special 50 cm round soft rubber ball weighing no more than 100 grams.

It is a sport that has rapidly become popular in Europe and Asia and continues to grow. It has now launched in Australia, with Headis Sports Australia established as Australia’s first Headis Sport Organisation.

Headis Australia offers Headis Affiliations and Licence Agreements and also Headis Hire in a variety of formats. The sport of Headis can be booked for parties, private and corporate functions, sporting and charity events and in pubs and clubs. Headis can be hired for fun social events or for competitive play in the form of custom made tournaments.

Headis Affiliations and License Agreements allow you to run or host your own Headis event or grow your own Headis business. By becoming an Affiliate or License Holder you’ll be given access to all you’ll need to share in the global fun and success which is Headis. You’ll be given equipment, marketing plus contacts and more to help you grow your your slice of Headis.

Headis is a sport that promotes fair play and a key element of the success of Headis is the fun atmosphere and camaraderie that is built amongst players. There is currently several thousand Headis players worldwide and with the recent introduction of Headis into Australia and later New Zealand that number will significantly grow.

A key objectives of Headis Sports Australia is to promote and develop the sport of Headis making it an accessible sport for male and female players of all ages. Headis globally is expected to reach a level of participation that will see it considered as an Olympic sport and Headis Sports Australia aims to work with other franchises and stake holders to achieve that goal.

We welcome you to the sport of Headis and we look forward to seeing at the Headis Tables.


OUR VISION is to connect all Australians and New Zealanders to the sport of Headis, making Headis a recognisable and loved sport.

OUR ROLE is to support and grow the sport of Headis in Australia and New Zealand by assisting all Headis franchises, affiliates and distributors with providing a fun, viable and sustainable service to all Headis players and stakeholders.

OUR PURPOSE is to get more people playing the sport of Headis across Australia, New Zealand and the world and to build the sport of Headis into a respected and well managed brand and business.

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