The Headis Ball is a soft hollow rubber ball weighing no more then 100 grams, this ball is perfectly designed for the game of Headis.  The ball comes flat and packaged and to play it is inflated to a circumference of about 50 – 52 cm.  The bounce and control with this ball is perfectly suited to the high paced agile game of Headis.  The lightness of the ball makes playing safe, comfortable and fun.

The Headis Net is a sturdy metal net that comes with a white cover.  The metal net comes in 5 easy to assemble parts and connects to any table tennis table.  Each side of the net easily clamps to the side of the table for quick easy play.  The white cover creates a modern look which is great for sponsorship logos.  The sturdiness of the net allows for continues and exciting play.

The Headis Table is a standard Table Tennis Table.  A sturdy 9mm table top is recommended as the game of Headis can be physical at times, however any well built table is sufficient enough to play on.  Indoor or outdoor tables make the perfect arena to play in.  The Headis ball and Net form the perfect partnership with any table.

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